Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mornings with Daniel and Daddy

Cody's first week of getting Daniel ready in the mornings and dropping him off at Kathy's wasn't without it's hitches.  Here's a day by day look at Cody's week last week: 

-Day 1: Get Daniel to Kathy's just fine, but forgets work laptop, paperwork and work keys at home.  Realizes it when he gets to work.
-Day 2: Decides the pants that matched the outfit I had laid out didn't fit him right, so he chose some different shorts that did not match.  I was very confused about what Daniel was wearing when I picked him up that evening :)
-Day 3: Cody sticks to the planned outfit, but put his shorts on backwards (Kathy didn't have the heart to tell him, so she told me when I picked Daniel up that night, lol)
-Day 4: Cody forgets to put his own shirt on!!!  I think the previous 3 days had really gotten to him, so this one topped them all, HAHAHA!
-Day 5: Cody gives up and told me I had to do drop off.  Ok, just kidding.  He didn't give up, but I really did do drop off that day b/c he had a breakfast catering.  

Here's to hoping week 2 goes a little more smoothly for Cody in the mornings :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to Work

Unfortunately we did not win the lottery.  I'm going to keep trying though.  This spending 11 hours a day away from my baby stuff is for the birds.  I really can get myself pretty down about it if I let myself.  So before Daniel was born, my hours were 7:30-5:30, a 10 hour day.  Well, to be able to get Daniel picked up from the sitter in time, I've adjusted my schedule to 6:30-4:30.  Cody does drop off in the morning, and I pick up in the evening.  He has to be picked up by 5:30.  Anyway, by the time I leave the house at 6a and get to the sitter at 5p, it has been 11 hours that I've been away.  HATE THAT. 

The first week I returned to work, Aug 8th, was tough, but my mom came down to stay with Daniel as sort of a transition week, so it helped out a ton (not to mention saved a lot of $$!)  So Aug 15th was his first week at the sitter, and Cody had to drop him off that morning.  I was at work watching the clock near his 7:30 drop off time, getting more and more nervous.  I'm not sure what I nervous about.  But I was on the verge of tears.  Then Cody called me at 7:42 as he was driving away from Kathy's, and he told me wasn't able to hold back the tears, and then I just lost it.  Shoot, hate crying at work!  Went to the bathroom to try to pull myself together, but one of my coworkers wanted to know what was wrong, so I had to talk about it which made me keep crying!

Today was Day 3 at Kathy's and Daniel has been doing great.  He hasn't seemed to notice or care a bit that he's not at home, so thankful he's not fussing the whole time he's there.  He's not a fussy baby by any means, but I just kept envisioning that he'd be giving her fits for some reason.  Of course not, though.  He's been super laid back about it all.  We are so lucky!  On his first day there, I managed to hold off from checking in on him until 11:15a.  Later that afternoon, Kathy text me that Daniel gave her a its-nice-to-meet-you blow out :)  Ha!!  And then when I picked him up that evening (I couldn't get there soon enough, btw), she asked me if he normally toots like an adult.  Haha, yes I forgot to warn her of that.  She said the other kids were giggling so hard when he was blasting 'em! 

Work has been ok.  Before I had Daniel, I worked a lot more than 45 hours a week, and I was struggling then to get everything done.  So now that I only have 45 hours to get my work done in (I am taking 2 30-minute breaks each day to pump, so that leaves me at a 9 hour day), I am really concerned about being able to handle my workload.  And I'm really not all that willing to log in from home in the evenings.  So we'll see.  I'm struggling with whether I believe I can have a successful career at BMcD and still be a good mom and good wife.  Had a little breakdown at work this morning...seriously, what is up with the hormones?! I've cried like 2 times in my entire life, and ever since I got pregnant, they just seem to flow freely.  And at work, no less - ugh!  My poor boss probably wonders what the heck has gotten into me.   

Ok, better get back to my sweet baby.  He's been occupied in his swing while I did this post, but now I feel the need to scoop him up and love on him. 

3 Months already!

Well, my pumpkin turned 3 months old yesterday, doesn't seem possible!  His third month of life has definitely been the most fun so far.  Some things I want to remember:
  • So, on the night of his 3 month birthday (14 weeks), just last night, he slept from 9:30 to 6!!!  The full night through.  He has gotten darn close before, but 6:00 a.m. has always been our goal.  We'll see if he can get consistent with this.  The past couple weeks he's been getting closer and closer to this, so maybe he's going to make it a habit.
  • The week I went back to work (week of Aug 8th) we started him in his crib, so right at 13 weeks.  It took him about a week before he didn't need his pacifier to soothe himself back to sleep when he startled himself awake.  At first I would have to get up about 2-3 hours after he'd lain down and pop his pacifier in and he'd go right back to sleep.  Now, he doesn't seem to need that anymore.
  • He LOVES his playmat.  Seriously loves.  If you lay him down on it with a full belly (full belly = happy Daniel), you're sure to see smiles left and right and he coos and gurgles and bats his hands at Mr. Octopus.   He gets his arms and legs a-going and it is so fun to watch.  When you first lay him down he studies the hang-y down guys (his "friends" I call them).  Checks em out real good.  Then he starts smiling and getting excited.  It's so fun to watch!!
  • He also LOVES his crib mobile.  Same kind of excitement as the playmat. 
  • Month 3 brought all the smiles.  Like bigger smiles than I've ever seen him do.  Anytime he's just eaten, it's super easy to get him to smile.  Other times, it can still happen, but best time to catch him is after he eats.  
  • His gas doesn't seem to be causing him nearly as much pain as it did in months 1 & 2
  • Started at the sitter during Month 3 (separate post coming on this topic!)
  • Was Baptized on July 24 - just shy of 11 weeks. 
Some pics from Month 3:

Baptism at SHOJ, Sunday 7.24.11:

Baptism outfit (not sure if we like our outfit or not...daddy talked bad about it so much, that Daniel's just not sure.  Mommy's's darn cute!):

One of my favorite pics to date of my little man.  Sputnik the sock monkey was mine as a baby - made by my Aunt Jane.  My mom gifted it to Daniel and he's glad to have a new pal, 8.9.11:

Daniel playing with his friends, 8.16.11:

Friday, August 5, 2011

Not quite a repeat performance

Well, we didn't quite have a repeat performance last night, darnit, but he was close. He made it til 3:45a.m. this time. About 1:30 he started squirming and stirring so I gave him his pacifier which held him over til 3:45 (although it kept felling out, so I probably put it back in about 5 times between 1:30 and 3:45.) So, not the most restful of nights, but I'm still hopeful we're moving in the right direction. Today it's stormy and I'm thinking a perfect excuse for a nap!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

He did it, he did it!!!!

Daniel slept through the night last night!! I fed him around 9 and we put him to bed and then he didn't wake up until 5 a.m.!!  That's about exactly what I need him to do when I start back to work on Monday - I need to feed him from 5:30-6:00a before I leave for work, so if we can stay on this schedule, we'll be golden.

I've been focusing on feeding him every 4 hours during the day, versus letting him sleep however long he wants.  Because a lot of times he'd sleep long enough to put him 5 hours out from his last feeding.  So I've been waking him up from his nap to feed him sometimes, but my thinking was that if he got an extra feeding in during the day then maybe he could go longer at night.  And I was also hoping that adding some structure to his day would somehow lend to longer stretches of sleep at night.  Who knows what the cause of his overnight sleep is, but I'll take it.  And praying this wasn't just a fluke.

Awhile back I blogged that he had gone 6 hours between feedings, which was true, however I'd fed him at 7 p.m., so 6 hours had him waking up in the middle of the night still.  And then he seemed to wake up every 2 hours after that. 

I mentioned going back to work.....this Monday, August 8th is the dreaded day.  Seriously have a pit in my stomach and start to get teary if I think too hard about it.  I feel like he's not only my child, but he's become my little buddy and my companion, and I'm going to miss hanging out with him as well as miss loving on him all day.  He's virtually the only person I talked to all day for the last 12 weeks, so I kind of feel like I'm losing a friend sort of.  What a bummer.  I think there is one more lottery drawing before Monday, so there's still a chance :)