Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some guys get it

This guy didn't get it:
I was taking the stairs at work from 1st floor to 2nd floor (nothing impressive about this - it's not like I was taking them 2 at a time or jogging up them or anything) and this guy looked at me with surprise that I'd be taking the stairs and said "Not giving up, huh?"  I was a little confused....why would I be throwing in the towel?  Do I look incapable of handling a single flight of stairs? Or was he just feeling awkward around a pregnant woman and that's the only thing he could think to say?  Should've resorted to the standard "Good morning" passing comment.  He was trying to be nice, I should cut him some slack. 

This guy also needs a clue:
I was walking down the hallway and heard someone yell "Lewis!" from behind me.  So I turned around and saw one of the guys from the Accounting dept and waited for him to catch up to me so I could say hi and chat quick.  When he caught up to me, he said "I could tell it was you from your waddle."  Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Scenario #3, finally an appropriate one:
Guy #3 and I were approaching each other from opposite ends of the hallway and as we got closer, I noticed he was smiling at me differently than you would normally smile in passing - kind of like in an "awww, that's cute" kind of way.  I assumed he was smiling like that b/c of my waddle. B/c I know him pretty well, I asked him if I was waddling.  He didn't outright confirm that I was waddling, but just said "You make it look classier than anyone."  Thank you, John.  Please give these other guys some lessons! 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Music to my ears

Today at our appointment Dr Heit estimated that our baby would be around 7 1/2 to 8 lbs at time of delivery.  I have been preparing myself for a 9 1/2 lb baby since that's how big Cody weighed in at, so 7 1/2 lbs was sweet music to my ears.  Let's hope Dr. Heit has an accurate estimate!

Best Piddler around

So, 26 days til due date.....OMG!!!  The closer it gets, the more anxious I get.  It's crunch time!!!  I am hoping that by the end of this weekend I'll feel much less anxious - I'm planning to be super productive this weekend.  This is the first weekend in awhile that we'll be home and don't have any plans, so it'll be a good opportunity to get things crossed off the list.  The list:
  • Pack hospital bag
    • I've been talking about doing this since about month 5 and it's still not done.  Cody is convinced it's going to be left up to him to do at go-time and that he'll pack all the wrong things.  So I really need to get this done to ease his mind. 
  • Make returns & purchase things we still need
  • Home Depot/Lowe's for closet organization supplies for baby's closet
  • Install car seat bases (have to get inspected at police station)
  • Find lamp for nursery
  • Get rod for window valence and some shears
  • Pick up a couple shelves for baby's walls
  • Put up crib mobile, wall art, etc.
  • Discuss insurance - evaluate whose to add baby to, should we all 3 be on one, etc.
  • Upload all the fun photos from the last couple weeks
  • Thank you's from last 2 showers (how embarrassing that these aren't done yet - especially the ones from my April 23rd shower - I'm ashamed)
There, now that I have a list, maybe I'll actually hold myself to it.  I told my mom I need her to come down and light a fire under my a$$.  Whenever she comes down to help me get stuff done, we are super productive and she keeps me focused.  This week I've spent 3 nights organizing the nursery - you'd think there'd be nothing left to do - but you'd be wrong.  My Gma Mack, God love her, was the queen of piddling - but I'm finding that I probably could've given her a run for her money in a "best piddler" contest.  I remember always thinking "what is Gma doing all day?" and now I'm wondering "How did I just keep myself busy for 3 hours and have nothing to show for it?"  (If you ask Cody, he'd say maybe it was all the facebook breaks I took.  Oopsy - he's on to me.)  It's like I'm moving things from one pile to a different pile.  Sigh. 

Anyway - I hope to report back on Sunday night that I am now ready for the baby.  Then I'll feel like can relax and take it easy the rest of May and just wait for him to make his grand arrival.

Here's a picture taken on Tuesday, May 3rd when I turned 36 weeks:

Here's to a productive next few days!!!  And here's to the baby NOT inheriting my piddling and procrastination tendancies.