Monday, April 9, 2012

10 months

Somehow March came and went, but here's the pics we did on March 16th, for Daniel's 10 month bday (as you can see, we tried a bunch of different positions, but he wasn't real interested in taking pics this day):

d is for daniel!

real good idea, mom....let him play with his canvas wall hanging (I quickly
realized he was likely to punch a hole right through it and took it away)

Bor-ing.  Your weird noises are not funny, mom.

Well, I really like standing up - so here's a little smile.

Still thinking about my d picture - I can't muster more of a smile than this.

This seems like a good time to try to escape to find that canvas.

At 10 months:

  • Have two teeth (bottom middle two)
  • Started doing the inchworm:
  • Started eating food that we're eating (most times we take what we're eating and put it through the chopper real quick, but this meal we could smash up pretty easy ourselves:
  • Love, love standing up: 


  • We really love going for walks, and are so thankful for the the weather we've had recently!

  • Love getting to hang out with Aunt Sarah, Uncle P, and Cousin Will!!

Smooches from momma - 3.3.12

Hugs for Uncle P - 3.3.12

Chatting with Will - 3.3.12

  •  Still really enjoy bathtime, and still don't like getting dressed afterwards:


Ready for summer

I couldn't resist....ordered this swim stuff a few weeks ago and had to have a little fashion show.

A random photo shoot

A few weeks ago, I came across a $25 Groupon to the Target portrait studio, and figured I'd see how they turned out.  I didn't really have an occasion - Daniel was 10 1/2 months, so not a big milestone bday or anything.  However, it was a few weeks before Easter, so we did some Easter pics as well as some others.  I figured, heck, even if only one turned out good I wasn't out much money.  Here they are:

One of the few pictures I sat still for.

Mom's just going to tell herself that Target cleans these eggs in between each kid.

This is when I tried to go after the camera.

This is where my mom put my shoes on the wrong feet, whoopsy.

What the heck is this green stringy stuff??  I don't like it!

Oh well, I'm over it.  I'm a happy boy anyway!

--We pause here for an outfit change while the long line of people roll their eyes.  Sorry peeps, I'm doing it anyway!

Let mom change my clothes, but I just don't really want to keep my hat on.
This is my ornery look - where I'm about to pounce on the camera.


AND.....saved the best one for last:



 Yahoo, Target!!!