Monday, September 10, 2012

Lew #2 is on the way!

Daniel's going to be a big brother!!! YAY!!!  We are so happy to announce that Lew #2 is on the way!  Due date is March 9, 2013.

I just started the second trimester (week 14) and am happy to report that I think I'm finally out of the woods on the crazy, tired, exhausted stage.  Man, it was tough to go through the tired part with a toddler running around!  A little different than last time, but we made it!  Daniel goes to bed around 7:30 or so, so I found myself heading to bed a lot of times right after I'd put him to bed. 

So, backing up.....found out I was pregnant on Wednesday, July 11.  I was sitting at work that morning reviewing a journal entry (ahhh, the life of an accountant, sounds so exciting, right?) when all of a sudden a wave of nausea hit me.  It was around 10 a.m.  In that moment, a hundred thoughts went through my head the first being "omg, I know this feeling."  Hard to explain - but it's just different than nausea from the flu or something.  A few other things started adding of them being that I had missed my June period, but I had previously dismissed it because Cody and I had started a really intense workout and clean eating program in June, so I chalked it up to that.  Before I knew it, I had told my boss I was taking an early lunch and I was at CVS taking the pregnancy test in the bathroom. 

I actually don't really even think I needed to take the test.  Even though this was definitely a surprise, I was about 99% sure I was pregnant.  I just knew, somehow.  So as soon as I got the results, I called Cody from my car in the CVS parking lot and we were excited and shocked and trying to wrap our head around us having another baby on the way.  (The second thing I did was drive straight to my favorite pizza place, Spin, secretly glad I had an excuse for having to give up the intense workout and diet challenge.) 

For the next few weeks after that I was a little concerned about the pregnancy because I was having virtually no pregnancy symptoms, and with Daniel the symptoms started right away.  But I guess it's true what they say, that every pregnancy is different.  I did have some nausea, but it wasn't as bad as last time and it was more from weeks 8-12, a little later than last time. 

I've been having really intense cravings for sweets, which is also different than my first pregnancy.  Cody leaned over in church a few weeks back and whispered that he had a feeling we were having a girl.  We'll see if he's right!!  The Chinese calendar thing says girl.  Would love to have a girl, but honestly would love to have another little boy just as much.  I never thought I'd know what to do with a boy (sometimes still wonder what kinds of boy games to play) but since Daniel will 22 months old, it would be fun for him to have a brother so close in age.  Either way, we'll be so excited. 

I have an appointment tomorrow, and then my next monthly visit after that will be when we get to find out the sex.  And yes, we'll definitely be finding out!!

Until next time (hopefully not another 4-5 months...)