Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Evenings with Daniel & Mommy

Our typical evening these days:

  • Pick Daniel up from Kathy's at 5:00
  • Chat with Kathy about his day, and then home by 5:15.
  • Play for a bit and try to get D to practice crawling
    • Still not interested :)
  • Around 5:45, eat dinner.  
  • 6:00ish take a bath, play a little
  • 6:15 or 6:30 bedtime
    • For the past almost 2 weeks now, he's been so tired by 6p.m. and he sleeps all the way through til 6a.m. even going to bed this early.  Everything I've read says babies his age need 11-13 hours of sleep a night, plus naps during the day, but it limits our time together even more :(  Makes me REALLY look forward to the weekends.

Getting ready for dinner!

Just chillin in the tub (although we don't sit still for long):

Oh, what do we have here?

I know just what to do with this!

That cup was cool for about 30 seconds.  Now onto bigger and better:

Mirrors are so interesting!

And now it's time to practice my baseball in the nude:

Practiced so hard I spit up my blueberries on my clean belly:

Monday, February 27, 2012

Cousin time

I want to be just like Gavin when I get big!

Hey, wait a second, that's my ball!

Ava takes such good care of me!


After our 9 month well check, Dr. Hartman told us to try some Cheerios and other foods beyond smooth, pureed foods.  That evening, we came home and put some Cheerios on Daniel's high chair tray and he chased those things around that tray for a long time!  It was really nice for him to be distracted from us preparing his dinner.  Otherwise, he sees us heating up his food and he gets all in a tizzy that it isn't in front of him yet.  So the fact that not too many of the Cheerios made it in his mouth this first try didn't bother us!


Here, 9 days later, he's getting more into his mouth - figuring out his thumb and pointer finger a little better.  We also like the Gerber puffs a lot.


Mmmmm, yummy toes!  (Don't worry, we just got out of the bath tub)

Ooof....if I kick this leg out, maybe I can get more of this foot in my mouth.

Valentines Day - 2.14.12

Future Mr Right :)

Showing off his Valentine from Grandma

My beautiful Valentines flowers from my love.  Good one babe!

9 months

Huh....Looks like I'm 9 months old!
Daniel J, 9 months, 2.16.12
17 lb, 10 oz (10%), 27 3/4" (35%)

I'm still such a happy boy and I still drool like crazy.  Most days are 2-3 bib days.  I have one tooth on the bottom.

I pose as a crawler for pictures only - I don't have much interest in crawling in real life.  In fact, I much prefer standing, and when mom and dad try to make me sit down, I like to pull the ole "stiff body" trick on them.  I'm not sure why they don't think it's as funny as I do - especially when they try to put me in my car seat.  I really show them!

I do love my bath time!  It's really fun when I lay over the side of my little tub and explore that shiny silver drain thing.

Bath time is all good until mom makes me put clothes on.  I've got her pretty well trained to let me hang out in my towel and play for a while.

Just reading me a little book here

This was something new when mom started pushing me down this hall is this cool ride!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The boys

Last weekend, Sarah & Patrick had a date night and Cody and I watched the boys.  Both of them were so good, so it was a super easy night.  Here are the best buds:

And one with me and my grunty little snuggle bunny:

Horsing Around

Almost didn't catch this in time, but here's the tail end of Daniel cracking up at Cody's horsey noises.  LOVE that laugh!!  (Side note, my husband has mad horse-noise-making skills)

Daniel Facts at 8 1/2 months

-Sleeps 10 hours at night: 8p – 6a.  More often than not, he wakes up anywhere from 1-3 times a night (usually towards the end of his night, it tends to start around 4 a.m. or so) needing his pacifier so Cody and I take turns pretending we don't hear him to see if the other one will get up first, er, I mean, we enthusiastically jump out of bed to help our child.  

-Speaking of sleep, he's always fought it fairly hard, but this past week or two has been almost a struggle at times to get him to give in to sleep.  He'll arch his back super hard and thrash himself around in your arms, then he'll relax for 15 seconds, then just as he seems to be drifting off, he starts himself awake and we repeat the thrashing/fussing/arching business. 
-Along those lines, diaper changes are becoming more of a challenge, he just doesn't want to lay still.  There are so many interesting things he wants to roll towards, that laying on his back for a 30 second diaper change is just too boring.

-Got first tooth on Sunday January 29th .  It was a fussy couple days, but so glad our sweet boy is back to his smiley, happy self now.  The tooth has most definitely broken through the skin, but it's tough to get a picture of it at this point. 

-Bought shampoo for Daniel for the first time last week – he finally has enough hair to actually lather up with shampoo!  Up until now we’d just been using the baby body wash:

-No crawling yet, really still not seeing any interest at all.

-He’s standing at his music table with a little help so he doesn’t topple over.  He isn’t cruising along furniture or anything yet, but he is able to stand at this little table for longer and longer periods of time (note, we are missing our pants b/c many of his pants are getting too tight in the waist, so after daycare we let our belly hang out a little more comfortably):

-LOVES to eat and LOVES his bottles.  Gets real mad when both are all gone.  But, give him his pacifier and he’s good again.  (I wonder when we need to wean him off the pacifier….eeks, doesn’t sound like fun)

-Daniel's absolute favorite thing to do right now is bounce.  His jumparoo keeps him entertained much longer than anything we try to sit him on the floor to play with.  

-Daniel's leave favorite thing is getting his face wiped - whether it's to wipe the mess off after he's done eating, wipe the snot from his nose (or elsewhere on his face....he tends to get it smeared all kid is the kid with snot all over, great), wipe the crusties from his eyes, etc.

-In the last few weeks, he’s started lifting his arms to be held or reaching out to us when he knows we’re coming to pick him up.  LOVE THAT!

-Per our PAT educator, the next thing to work on is object permanence.  So far, when an object is removed from his sight, he forgets about it.  We’re working on taking a toy and putting it under a blanket and helping him find it again so that he starts realizing that the object still exists.  Here we are practicing, looks like he found it!