Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Blog!!

Well, here goes...I've been thinking about starting a blog for awhile now, but until we found out......WE'RE PREGNANT....I kept putting it off.   

So anyway - I'm in my 9th week this week.  We are so so so excited to be parents!  

The baby is the size of a big green olive this week (my sister said "I knew there had to be some reason for me to like green olives!"), and next week we're up to a prune.  I'm loving the comparisons to food!  Speaking of food, I've adjusted my diet pretty significantly since I found out I was pregnant.  For instance, no more daily starbucks treats in the mornings and no more vino treats in the evenings.  Cody said we could probably decorate the nursery with the money we'll save on me kicking my Starbucks habit and wine consumption.  Sad, but true.  Sigh.  Also, I used to take frozen Smart Ones for lunch everyday b/c, well, I'm kind of a lazy eater if it's left up to me.  Now, Cody (being super-dad already) packs me well-balanced home made lunches, and very rarely do I eat anything processed.  I hope I can continue this diet after the pregnancy!

Some things things that I've noticed in the past 3-4 weeks:
  • My beloved Orbit Sweetmint that I consumed a pack+ daily now makes me nauseous. Actually pretty much any flavor of gum - I'm apologizing right now for my breath for the next 7 months!
  • When my stomach is empty I get super nauseous.
  • My sense of smell is crazily heightened - I can't wear my perfume, had to get non scented deodorant, etc.
  • My pants are getting tighter - I'm not sure that this is actually the baby (unless the baby is growing in my thighs and butt); rather, I think it's more the overeating I've been doing since Cody has been making me lunch and dinner every day!
  • I'm super duper tired all the time.  I'm in bed before 9:00 most nights which is a good 2 hours earlier than my typical bed time.  It amazes me that I can sleep as much as I've been sleeping lately.  
Until next time!