Sunday, October 14, 2012

Random pics

 Cousin Camp in the ville, July 2012:

Story time with Grandpa, July 2012:

Silly w/ Cousins, July 2012:

Swimming w/ Grandpa, July 2012:

Building with daddy, 9.5.12:

Coloring, 9.16.12:

Uh oh....we're in trouble now....9.30.12:

Helping GG Ron celebrate his 80th bday, 9.22.12:

Feeding mommy some "food" I stirred up, 10.1.12:

Doing a little housekeeping, 10.4.12:

Meeting my newest nephew, sweet baby Malcolm, 10.6.12:

Another stop on the baby tour that day was to visit my cousin Amber's brand new baby, Lucy, 10.6.12:

Daniel helping mommy work, 10.14.12:

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